Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Can you remember when there was an element of sacrifice to work in a local school system?  The pay was not much but the benefits and the hours helped offset the sacrifice. Well, it’s still that way for the lower paid classified employees such as cafeteria workers, custodial staff and bus drivers, but the pay for the rest way outpaces private sector jobs. You will find the proof below. Yes, and all with job schedules unlike anywhere else! Just choose – do you want to work 100 days a year? 185 days? 240 days or a full contract of 260 days? Your choice and the excellent benefits remain. Plus there’s double, even triple dipping on retirement, meaning you can retire and draw your retirement check, all the while going back to work at your same previous high rate of pay, and the school system contributes money to your second or even third retirement account.

And now we know why so many keep quiet. These high salaries buy a lot of silence. So it’s no surprise that most of the complaints that come to the schstoobig confidential email account are from the lower paid employees. But most interesting is that none – zero – of those complaints have been about pay.  Rather, the complaints are all about either wrong doing or mistreatment they suffer at the hands of the high salaried.

Below you will find the purposely randomized, raw data the Scott County School Board provided the reluctant Georgetown News Graphic to minimally satisfy the latest state law we have called them on. The law does not require the News Graphic to print it.  But you should. A big "THANK YOU" to Carole Landry for acquiring this copy of the list from the News Graphic. Let us know if you need your own copy.

Some notes : the district went to pains to randomize the data. It is not organized either alphabetically, numerically, vocationally or otherwise - it is random to make it difficult to analyze. This alone should tell you more than you need to know.

It's not alphabetical for a couple of reasons. First, it prevents easily finding an individual's or a peer's salary. But more importantly, it prevents the community from seeing how many high paid administrators have spouses and children feeding well at the same trough.

The dollar amounts do not necessarily reflect a salary. The dollar amounts reflect what the Board paid out to each individual listed over the course of the 2013-14 school year - not necessarily that individual's salary. For example - newly hired Director of Safety Mark Wikersham worked only a couple of months after being hired before taking a leave of absence for the balance of the year after his DUI arrest (he was welcomed back by Board Member Becky Sams at the September 9th board meeting). His amount therefore is low as are others such as newly hired Director of Transportation Roy Prince, etc.

Another reason a salary may appear low is because no information is provided as to what position each individual holds nor, and more importantly - how many days their contract requires they work a year. While a typical full time job is a 260 day contract, many of these dollar amounts reflect greatly reduced days. For example - Director of Facilities Mike Luscher is a 100 day employee. Not bad pay for 100 days. Especially for a double dipper!
We intend soon to have some OCR software that will allow us to enter this list into a spreadsheet. Then some meaningful analysis can begin. We will also explore the hundreds of thousands of dollars Scott County taxpayers are spending yearly on employees who work not for Scott County Schools but rather for the KDE under an arrangement called – Memorandum of Agreement. Certainly notice the over $100,000 salaries but the big news here is the proliferation of $60 to $90,000 salaries. And remember, this data is for the last school year.  Those $90,000 salaries are now likely $100,000.  Enjoy.


  1. Shame, Shame on Georgetown News-Graphic. This story is getting extremely interesting. I would love to post it on Face Book but I'm not sure it can handle all this. I guess I should try. Every Scott County citizen deserves to see this!

  2. 80,000 for an ag teacher????? Crap I have had people's lives in my hands as a RN for 20+ years and am almost masters level prepared and I dont make that kind of money!! Is 45 too old for a career change??? Oh yeah....shame on our crappy little small town paper for not printing these. The public has a right to know.

  3. Teacher and Certified Staff salaries are barely below average for the state according to the KDE website. The Superintendent Salary is above average for the state. The average for the state is $119,129 With the Max being $276,000 in Jefferson County. You can search the Fayette County Schools salaries at the Herald Website

  4. I have no problem with teachers having these kind of salaries....remember people, these are the people teaching our children to be productive members of society...I don't want a teacher to say"I'm not applying my teaching efforts because I don't get paid enough for this " . I want a happy teacher who is going to take pride in their work therefore teaching my child what they need to make it as an adult!

  5. Congratulations Mr. SCHSTooBigBlog, you have provided information that is available to anyone with an internet connection as a searchable database. Curious why you scanned it though, not savvy enough to simply post the database? What purpose does this list serve? Are you suggesting that teachers, administrators and staff are overpaid? Reviewing the recent test scores I would say some of these teachers, administrators and staff are underpaid for the stellar work that they do. What is your point with "outing" peoples salaries? Perhaps we could compare these to your salary or Mrs. Landry's salary?

    This is par for the course for SCHSTooBig, continued anonymous attacks trying to get some conspiracy theory to stick while doing very little to inform the public of anything and doing absolutely nothing to help make Scott County Schools be an even better place for the children of Scott County. SCHSTooBig, either step up and get involved and stop trolling behind your glowing screen or go blog about some other conspiracy theory (there's Bigfoot, UFOs, The Red Scare!, etc.)